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Deeds define Christianity more than words

We now live in a post-Christian world -- at least that's the case in the West. The post-Christian world is a place where Christianity no longer...


The General Conference Session, delegates and theology

As the General Conference Session approaches, it may be important to think for a moment about its contribution to our understanding of the nature of...


Studies suggest ways church can develop faith in its young people

Research on faith, values, and commitment in the Seventh-day Adventist Church provides suggestions that homes, churches and schools need to seriously...


Problems with Adventist futurism

There is among some Seventh-day Adventists an obsession with prophetic speculation. The present time of relative peace and waiting is disturbing to...


'Sir, we would see Jesus'

Reinder Bruinsma, a great Seventh-day Adventist leader and thinker, is certainly correct when he points out that in many nations, the...


Diversity from modern mobility can enrich the church

Adventists have taken their mission mandate seriously and have been quite successful in taking their message 'into all the world'. This had a...