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Adventist Health Leader to be Philadelphia's "Health Czar"

Philadelphia, United States ... [ANN]/data/2000/950045012/gwen_foster1.jpgRPgTufayU58EdwSQ1nznrCYvYiAL4iD6typography_img_src_end Gwen FosterSeventh-day Adventist...

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Russian Court Exempts Conscientious Objector from Military Draft

Novgorod, Russia ... [ANN] In what has been described as a “significant” ruling, a Russian court has granted Seventh-day Adventist Church pastor Eduard Siminiuk a religion-based exemption from...

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Ghana: Ashanti Regional Minister and King of Ashanti Nation Tell Adventist World President: "Do More Evangelism Here"

Kumasi, Ghana ... [ANN]Both the civil and traditional leaders of the Ashanti region of Ghana told the visiting president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, “We want you to do more evangelism here.”P...

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Religious Liberty Experts call for "Responsible Dissemination of Religion or Belief"

Madrid, Spain ... [IRLA News] Religious liberty experts are calling for a “responsible dissemination of religion or belief” by members of religious communities.  A 14-point statement of “Guiding...

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Adventists Endorse High School, College, and Olympic Events Gambling Ban

Washington, DC, USA ... [ANN]Two United States Senators will join college presidents, coaches, and officials in a news conference on Tuesday, February 1, to present legislation that, if approved, will...

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England: Adventist Leader Protests Government Attempts to Allow Promotion of Homosexuality in Schools

Watford, England ... [ANN] The proposal of the U.K. government to drop a law that prohibits the promotion of homosexuality by local councils and state schools is “another nail in the coffin of...

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