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Adventist News Network's Year in Review

ANN stories in 1999 reflected the diverse make-up of the 11 million-strong Seventh-day Adventist Church.  With members in some 207 countries, the Adventist Church is a vibrant community encompassing...

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Adventist Leaders and Communicators Choose Person, Event of the Millennium

Silver Spring, Maryland…[ANN]Martin Luther is the most significant religious figure of the last 1000 years, according to a majority of Seventh-day Adventist leaders, pastors and communicators from...

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Adventists To Celebrate Hope in Special Year 2000 Events Around the World

Silver Spring, Maryland, U.S.A. ... [ANN]Although Seventh-day Adventists assign no religious significance to the Year 2000, congregations and many Adventist families around the world are planning to...

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Adventist Church in Venezuela Responds to Disaster

Barquisimeto, Venezuela ...[ANN]With an estimated 30,000 dead and 150,000 homeless, Venezuelans are dealing with the aftermath of the mid-December mudslides and floods that destroyed towns and roads...

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Governor General of Papua New Guinea "Lights the Prisons with God's Word"

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea ... [ANN]  Sir Silas Atopare, Governor General of Papua New Guinea (PNG), has donated 1,500 Bibles to inmates of the country’s 17 prisons. Atopare, a Seventh-day...

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School Discipline Troubles: Adventist Church in Papua New Guinea Takes up Challenge

Lae, Papua New Guinea ... [ANN]A drop in unruly behavior in a Papua New Guinea (PNG) government-run school is in part the result of religion instruction offered through Seventh-day Adventist...

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