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Loma Linda University Church to Launch National Television Ministry

Loma Linda, California, U.S.A. ... [ANN]

A new national television ministry is being launched by the Loma Linda University Church this week in the United States.

Aiming to “present quality programming that will reflect a positive image for our church,” the Loma Linda Broadcasting Network (LLBN), as it will be called, will inaugurate its first live national program on Saturday, October 16.

According to Ganim Hanna, founder and president of LLBN, the “National Broadcasting Kickoff” will include interviews of prominent church and community members, children’s stories, dramas, and musical selections.

Hanna stresses that the television ministry he is coordinating is not something “one wants to keep to oneself. The ministry has a world-wide potential.” 

Interest in television broadcasting on a larger-than-local scale dates back to 1997 when the Loma Linda University Church established a non-profit organization to run the ministry. “It became clear that the mission of our ministry should include a national and possibly international exposure,” says Clifford A. Walters, spokesperson for LLBN.

Currently, Media Ministries, which has taped a variety of spiritual programs sponsored by the University Church, coordinates a daily broadcast on local cable channels with over 25,000 viewers. The October 16 program, to be aired via satellite, will be the beginning of taking the broadcasting vision of LLBN to a wider audience.

The programs are aimed for all ages and needs.  Located at the Seventh-day Adventist leading medical center, Loma Linda University, the programming team has access to top health and medical experts in the United States.  The current programming on cable includes family counseling, educational, and health and medicine presentations. “Our television program emphasizes family values, but is also informational and educational,” says Walters.

Walters calls the proposed LLBN offer “a variety of new concepts in quality programming with a spiritual bent.” Broadcasting from a religious community, the inspirational programming includes a weekly sermon from the university church. “We hope that this ambitious endeavor will change the lives of many people throughout the United States and Canada,” comments Walters.  “Loma Linda Broadcasting Network’s ultimate goal is to be a catalyst for the facilitation of change and blessing in the lives of all God’s people.”

The first satellite transmission of the Loma Linda Broadcasting Network can be viewed on October 16, 1999, via C-Band Telestar 6 transponder 11 from 6-9 PM, EST, and 3-6 PM, PDT. [Ray Dabrowski]