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Church Satellite Outreach Live From New York

New York, New York, USA .... [ANN]

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1,000 persons attended the opening night of the satellite broadcast Millennium of Prophecy Seminar in Manhattan Center Studios on October 15.

Pastor Doug Batchelor is speaking nightly, except Monday and Thursday evenings, from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m., through November 13. Batchelor emphasizes the importance of confirming what listeners hear in the meeting by studying Bible truths for themselves. It is an approach New Yorkers seem to appreciate. In a city with so many voices and pressured appeals, people appear to be welcoming a call to “see for themselves” what God is saying.

Transmissions were carried by Adventist Communication Network (ACN) and Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) in North America, with 3ABN also reaching Europe and the north of Africa, and Adventist Global Communication Network (AGCN) extending the signal to the world. An estimated 5,000 sites are receiving the series worldwide, with 14 languages transmitted simultaneously and others planned by countries or areas either during the series or at a later time.  [ANN/Betty Cooney]