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Global Mission Launches New Concept in Evangelism

Minneapolis, Minnesota .... [ANN] 


Nearly 3,000 people attended the debut “One Night of Your Life” program in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Saturday night, February 26. A new initiative of the Global Mission office of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, “One Night of Your Life” aims to reach people in secular urban areas who don’t attend church. Future programs are planned for North America, Europe and Australia.


Doug Batchelor


Mark Finley

The program, held on the campus of the University of Minnesota, featured Mark Finley, speaker for the “It Is Written” TV program; Doug Batchelor, speaker for “Amazing Facts;” Danny and Linda Shelton, from Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN); and recording artists Steve Darmody, Merrilou Luthas, Walter Arties and Jennifer LaMountain. The program was also uplinked live on satellite by 3ABN.


Walter Arties, Jennifer LaMountain, Merrilou Luthas, and Steve Darmody

“We were overwhelmed by the attendance,” says Dennis Carlson, president of the Adventist Church in Minnesota. “Advertising for the program was almost totally from church members telling friends and neighbors. We estimate that about 2,500 Adventists attend church on any given Saturday morning in Minneapolis. That means there were probably at least 700 people at the program who weren’t Adventists.”

“‘One Night of Your Life’ is all about helping Adventists share with their friends the amazing story of Jesus,” says Mike Ryan, director of Global Mission. “We recognize that people today are extremely busy, and many aren’t willing to come out several nights a week to traditional outreach campaigns. This is a bridge-building program to the community, where the beauty of the gospel is portrayed through music and spoken word.”

Other “One Night of Your Life” programs are currently being planned for Chicago and for Melbourne, Australia.  [Gary Krause]