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Two Adventists Among Dead in Jetliner Crash in New York

Queens, New York, USA—Two Adventists, Augusto and Guadalope Peralta, were among the 260 people on board the American Airlines flight from New York that was headed to the Dominican Republic when it crashed into a residential area of Rockaway. According to G. Earl Knight, secretary for the Adventist Church in the Greater New York region, it has been confirmed that the Peraltas died in the crash. The Peraltas were members of the Spanish Haverstraw church in the Greater New York Conference. The pastor, Ruben Merino, is ministering to the family members at the family center set up at Kennedy Airport.

Lay Evangelism Program Gaining Momentum

Silver Spring, Maryland, USA—The program Go One Million has received a positive response from all world regions of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. According to James Zackrison, world coordinator for the program that will train 1 million laymembers for active envangelism before the World Church Session in 2005, more than 600,000 members have been pledged by world regions so far. Already, the Church in the Southern-Asia Pacific region has activated 100,000 church members, and he Church in the African-Indian Ocean region recently announced a pledge of 146,000 members according to Luka Daniel, president of the church in the region. “This thing is on the move,” says Zackrison. “People are excited about it and it hasn’t even been launched yet.” The official launch date is January 1, 2002.

Russian Ombudsman Visits Adventist World Headquarters

Silver Spring, Maryland, USA—A Russian delegation visited the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s World Headquarters November 9 as part of a United States visit. Oleg Mironov, commissioner [ombudsman] of human rights for the Russian Federation, speaking with members of the International Religious Liberty Association (IRLA), said religion can give great support to society as Russia rehabilitates it’s culture. Accompanying Mironov were Robert Simonyan, associate commissioner of human rights; Andrey Lebedev, state counselor of Russian Federation; and Victor Krushenitsky, secretary of the Russian chapter of the International Religious Liberty Association. “The visit by Mironov is a sign of the excellent work of the IRLA Russian chapter,” said John Graz, secretary general of the IRLA. “All those who believe in freedom have a good ally in him.”