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Seek a 'life aligned with God's will,' church president for South America says

In commentary, Kohler also offers words of caution as church embraces revival

Seek a 'life aligned with God's will,' church president for South America says

The Adventist Church in South America will share 42 million copies of The Great Hope with friends and neighbors as part of the region's Revival and Reformation outreach, division President Erton Kohler said. Here, Kohler presents another missionary sharing book during a church business meeting last year. [ANN file photo]

True spiritual revival generates a "life aligned with God's will," the president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in South America said in a commentary published on the division's website this week.

Erton Kohler's editorial announced that the world church's Revival and Reformation website is now available in Spanish and Portuguese, but the leader also took the opportunity to share some advice as the division continues to embrace the initiative.

Already, the division has pledged to distribute 42 million copies of The Great Hope, a missionary sharing version of church co-founder Ellen G. White's book The Great Controversy, which traces God's leading throughout history. The South America Division is known for wide scale distributions, but this is "unheard of," Kohler said.

The distribution is part of a world church effort to share The Great Hope with millions of homes beginning in 2012. Church leaders anticipate that members will share more than 100 million copies of the book with their friends and neighbors.

Kohler said he hopes each church member makes Revival and Reformation an individual priority.

"This is not an initiative reserved for special programs or preachers. It is a moment of personal encounter with God and search for daily baptism by the Holy Spirit," Kohler said, defining such a relationship as the foundation of revival.

Kohler urged members not to expect an "emotional or religious awakening," and that revival is not based on "what we feel" but "how we react" to God's word. God is looking for a "serious and thorough search for truth," he said.

Cautioning against fanaticism, Kohler urged a balanced approach to Revival and Reformation. The result of revival is not criticism of another member's level of involvement, but "deep love for God, his Word and others," he said.

Kohler also reminded membership in South America that revival is ultimately illustrated by change in members' lives, including a renewed interest and focus on the church's mission.

"It is exciting to see members renew their commitment to God," Kohler said.