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In the U.S., ministries could re-locate from California’s media center

AMC board calls for proposals, might allow moving to lower cost-of-living area

In the U.S., ministries could re-locate from California’s media center

The Adventist Media Center in California’s Simi Valley is allowing its ministries to submit proposals that would allow them to move to areas with a lower cost of living. The center is home to five ministries, including Breath of Life and Voice of Prophecy. [AMC file photo]

The board of the Adventist Media Center, home to productions such as Faith For Today and It is Written, is requesting from each of its ministries a business proposal that can include the option of relocating from its Simi Valley location.

The action, voted April 3, would allow ministries to move to locations with a lower cost of living than Southern California, said Warren Judd, the center’s manager.

There is no indication yet of which ministries might choose to relocate, said Dan Jackson, AMC board chair and president of the denomination’s North American Division.

The media ministries of the division include Breath of Life, Faith For Today, It Is Written, La Voz de la Esperanza and The Voice of Prophecy.

The board said business plans of each media ministry should be presented to division administration by June 3. The proposals will then be brought to a future AMC board meeting for consideration.

Two productions will remain at the center: Adventist Media Productions, the electronic media production unit of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America, and the Adventist Media Services Agency, which assists in media buying and placement.

The move comes nearly a year after church officials in North America met for a summit with producers, lay members and consultants to review the effectiveness of media ministries. In a subsequent release, Jackson said awareness of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America did not match the money spent on past media ministries and required re-evaluation.

In a statement Friday, Jackson affirmed ministries at AMC, which is home to about 125 employees.

“The media ministries’ mission and messages of hope have helped to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout North America and beyond. We have appreciated the tireless efforts of the many people who have been involved with each of the ministries,” Jackson said.

Also during its April 3 meeting, AMC’s board voted to divest itself of LifeTalk Radio. That decision follows a January 2011 vote to move LifeTalk’s administration to AMC for financial reasons. LifeTalk broadcasts to about 75 stations across North America and internationally in Guam, Saipan and England. Popular programs on the stations include Your Story Hour, Voice of Prophecy, Bible Answers Live, Breath of Life, and Science, Scripture and Salvation.