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New satellite contract expands reach of Adventist television

Hope Channel Al Waad now widely available across Middle East, Northern Africa

New satellite contract expands reach of Adventist television

A new satellite contract for the Seventh-day Adventist television channel in Beirut significantly expands the footprint of church media in Northern Africa and the Middle East. Hope Channel Al Waad this month entered a five-year contract with satellite Eutelsat 7 West A, a move network officials say introduces a message of hope to a wider audience of Arabic, Turkish and Farsi speakers in the region.

“This new contract is a fantastic opportunity for the advancement of God’s work, and a major step for urban outreach,” said Hope Channel President Brad Thorp. “We can now provide Al Waad to any of the cities in this region, opening up millions and millions of homes to God’s good news for a better life today and for eternity.”

The French-based satellite provider Eutelsat operates Eutelsat 7 West A in close cooperation with the Egyptian satellite provider Nilesat, the largest satellite provider in the Middle East. The 2011 launch of Eutelsat 7 West A marked part of the provider’s efforts to boost broadcasting in the Middle East, Gulf States, North Africa and Northwest Africa. 

Viewers using the Nilesat satellite can now reset their channel lineup to receive Adventist television in their homes. Satellite is the most common broadcast distribution method in the Middle East. 

“We have been praying for this development for many years,” said Al Waad Director Amir Ghali, adding that the channel’s “peaceful, non-partisan programming” has been well received in the region since its launch in 2010.

Al Waad programs address topics such as health, education and family. The channel derives its name from the Arabic word for “promise,” offering what Ghali called “the promise of hope” to the region.