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Kiev creationists exchange telescopes for dinosaurs

The monthly Creationist Club surprises attendees with new information on creation and dinosaurs

Kiev creationists exchange telescopes for dinosaurs

Recently the First Kiev Creationist Astro Club (Astro Club) hosted an open house at the Adventist Prayer House in Kiev, the capitol city of Ukraine. The room was filled with guests interested in learning about astronomy. Typical Astro Club meetings feature telescopes set up around the room by club staff. This time, however, the presenters toy dinosaurs!

Andrei Chvanov, Astro Club presenter, shared facts and evidence proving the co-existence of dinosaurs with people. For many, including church members, this information was startling. People are accustomed to hear, from various sources, that dinosaurs lived millions of years before man.

Chvanov’s material showed that there are fresh remains of dinosaurs with undecomposed elastic tissues and blood, which after millions of years should have disintegrated or petrified. This is echoed by numerous finds of human fossils and artifacts in the so-called ancient Cretaceous and Jurassic layers, in which fossils of dinosaurs are also found. In the middle of the 20th century, around 3,000 clay figurines, as well as stone and ceramic sculptures depicting dinosaurs, were found near ​​the town of Acambaro, Mexico, during excavations. 

A quiz, evaluating what guests learned from the material, followed Chvanov’s lecture. The prize? A toy dinosaur. Astro Club visitors learned many scientific facts from the presentation and showed interest in this perspective on Creation and dinosaurs.