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Cultural concert raises funds for Samoa

Funds will go toward chairs, tables, computers and other necessities for Adventist school in the country.

Cultural concert raises funds for Samoa

[Photo courtesy of the South Pacific Division]

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 A cultural concert has raised more than $A7000, or a little over $5,200USD, for a fly’n’build trip to rebuild an Adventist school in Samoa.

“A few years ago, Siufaga Adventist Primary School in Samoa was going to be closed down,” said concert organizer May Schwalger. “The pastor sent a request to Adventist Volunteer Services, asking for a group of volunteers to come and help their school. As a result, our team will be heading to Samoa in February 2018.”

Although individual churches had taken up offerings, Ms. Schwalger had the idea of organizing a concert and inviting several churches within Sydney to take part. At least seven Adventist churches in the Greater Sydney Conference performed special items. Donations and food sales raised more than $A7000 for the school.

The majority of the team are university students from Avondale College. Team members will pay for their own flights and expenses but are hoping to collectively raise $A30,000, or $22,500USD, to help refurbish the school. The funds will go directly towards purchasing chairs, desks and computers for the students and ceiling lights, paint, windows and whiteboards for the classrooms as well as building tools for the work.

“I am so proud of May and her team,” said Carol Boehm, coordinator for Adventist Volunteer Services. “Their commitment to serve and genuine love for God’s people is inspiring. I only wish we could clone them!”

“We are so privileged to live in Australia,” Ms Schwalger noted. “We grow up with so many things that we take for granted here. We want to go to Samoa and bless them with just a fraction of what God has blessed us with.”

For more information, please contact Carol Boehm at volunteers(at) or if you’re interested in finding a fly’n’build trip to join, take a look at