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Church encourages population to develop healthy lifestyle

Denomination promoted race in tourist spot of Florianópolis and gathered more than 500 participants

Church encourages population to develop healthy lifestyle

[Photo courtesy of the South American Division]

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The Adventist Church held the second edition of the “Get A Move on For Life” race, in Florianópolis, Brazil, on November 26. There were about 500 participants who covered courses of 5 and 10 kilometers, with an option of walking. "Our intention was to promote the health and well-being of people. Physical activity is one of God's eight remedies and should be part of our daily lives," explained Pastor Homero Bubna, director of Adventist Education in the southern center of Santa Catarina and organizer of the event. 

The activity took place once on Avenida Beira Mar Continental, a tourist spot in the city, and involved people of all ages, such as Orlando Mattos, 65. "As you get older you need to look for a healthier lifestyle so you can be a healthy old man, not an old man lying in a bed," he said. For Cláudia Cadette, participating in this race is the result of a change of life that made her lose 12 kilos, or 26 pounds. "115 days ago I changed my lifestyle. I started with diet and then I began the physical exercise. Motivated by this change, I signed up for the race and today I'm here for the first time. My first medal," she said celebrating. 

The G148 race group from Camboriú brought 95 people to the event. Led by Adventists from the city, the group encourages physical exercise and the development of faith. "Our group will be three years old in February. There are approximately 100 people meeting three times a week. We offer a sporting part as well as a spiritual part, which helps us to conquer the world," commented Daniel Lima, coordinator of the team.

"Exercise improves your mind. The connection between mind and body is a very intimate thing. When one is not well, neither is the other. That is why we need physical exercise, especially to improve our communion with God," added Pastor Francisco Fonseca, leader of the Ministry of Health at the region's Adventist headquarters. 

"It was difficult to organize an event of this size, but it was worth it because we noticed God taking care of everything, including giving us a beautiful day, despite the rain the whole night before. If God was present, we are sure that He went to the home of each runner," said Bubna.