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Young Adventists initiate Healthy Life Campaign to change eating habits

Nearly 400 missionary students will receive a new book which will help people improve their lifestyle

Young Adventists initiate Healthy Life Campaign to change eating habits

[Photo courtesy of the South American Division]

During the summer, hundreds of young people visited homes, schools, hospitals and businesses to share health material that shows how to prevent and cure diseases with food. They are colporteurs , missionary students who dedicate their vacations to support the Healthy Life Campaign carried out every year in Chile by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This 2018 initiative brings a new book called "Healthy Recipes for Busy People,"  by Daniela Camus, a prominent Adventist chef who has worked on several Chilean television channels and has also supported the Nuevo Tiempo Network in Chile.

Given that the health manual is consistent with the health reform that the Seventh-day Adventist Church preaches, the publishing house of Casa Editora Sudamericana, ACES , launched 10,000 copies during the books first publishing in South America. The result was so successful the church decided to launch a second print run of 40,000 books to be distributed throughout South America.  

In Chile, the colporteurs began to present the book as early as December of 2017. The book includes healthy recipes for busy people. The book also contains "an orientation to cook quickly, in a simple, easy way. Recipes are nutritious, and above all, we hope we will meet all your expectations in the kitchen,” explains Camus. “Many times, we face little guesses when we prepare new recipes, but these are simple and very realistic recipes when you put them into practice. That's why we promise healthy recipes and that you're going to have an experience that will take you from an Andean kitchen to Mediterranean cuisine, but in an easy way.” 

It should be noted the new health manual has been reviewed and approved by nutritionists. "There are many places where there are recipes,” says Tamara Arellano, a clinical nutritionist. “The good thing is that it is all the nutritional information is there as well as step-by-step instructions you will need as you prepare the recipes. I, as a nutritionist, think it is good to be classified and easy to understand, because people usually get busy with so much information.” 

Another important aspect of the Healthy Life Campaign is, before going out to present the manuals door to door, the colporteurs are trained by health specialists and project leaders who have experience as health monitors. A group of colporteurs working in the municipality of Maipú, were visited by Gonzalo Acosta, nutritionist at the University of Chile and Priscila Fuentes, director of Nursing at the Adventist University of Chile , who taught them about diseases and the properties of food. 

Many busy people already have their manual to make easy, fast and healthy recipes. Soon the book will be translated into Portuguese to expand its distribution. Thanks to this cookbook, now the lack of time will not be synonymous with bad nutrition. 

"Thanks to God we have done very well, people have received us with a lot of love, they have liked manuals, even spiritual ones," says Stephanie Pulido, leader of the Healthy Life campaign in Santiago de Chile. 

If you want to communicate with a colporteur or want to know more about the book "Healthy Recipes for Busy People" join IDEC Chile.