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Participants of the winter youth sports camp in Luzhba, Siberia meet for fellowship

Young people attending encouraged to bring a friend who is not an Adventist to join the event.

Participants of the winter youth sports camp in Luzhba, Siberia meet for fellowship

[Photo courtesy of the Euro-Asia Division]

From January 3 to 7, an annual meeting was held for youth in a winter camp in Luzhba, Siberia, a natural corner of the Kemerovo region. This is an amazing event the young people wait for all year! Luzhba has a special force that draws young people to it each year--including mountains, snow-white fir trees, starry skies in which the stars seem much closer than in the city. But mostly importantly the young people come for communication.

42 young people came from, not only Siberia, but also Rostov, Stavropol, Krasnodar, Moldova and even from Zimbabwe, Africa. All-in-all Luzhba was visited by more than 70 people-- not only youth, but Pathfinders from Kemerovo and Mezhdurechensk. An important condition for coming to Luzhba was to bring along a friend who is not yet a member of the Adventist Church. This camp became an evangelical event.

Every day began with prayer and meditation on the Word of God. Then there was breakfast, after which some of the young people took their snowboards and climbed the path to the mountain. Others had fun walking in nature, taking pictures and talking. For two days, young people visited a cave which it was difficult to reach, passing through snow-covered obstacles. Once in the cave, it was necessary to go through difficult mazes. 

In the evening, when all gathered together for dinner, the most interesting time came - a time of communication. Many sang and raised sharp and interesting topics including the meaning of life, how to build relationships and communicate better. Everyone was actively involved in the discussion, expressed their opinion and opened the Bible. It was interesting to note that during the last evening, when everyone shared their impressions of the trip, those who were not members of the Church spoke positively and said that they did not expect such a warm atmosphere.

Now the participants are again waiting for the next meeting in Luzhba. Luckily in 3 weeks the evangelical snowboard meeting in Sheregesh begins.

The gospel is better and easier to share with those who are your friend!