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New Bible study initiative reaching over 100 children in Wales

The 15 course 'Let's Explore Bible Study Program' is aimed for 7 to 12-year-olds to discover a friendship with Jesus.

New Bible study initiative reaching over 100 children in Wales

[Photo Credit: British Union Conference/ Trans-European Division]

 Seeking new ways to reach children with the Gospel in today’s technological age, the UK based Adventist Discovery Centre (ADC) has partnered with the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Wales to launch the Welsh Mission (WM) ‘Let's Explore Children's Bible Study Program at an event on Tuesday, January9,  2018.

Maureen Rock, ADC Principal, visited the Newtown area in December 2017 to lead a training event for Let's Explore Bible coordinators, which was hosted by WM Children's Ministries sponsor Eileen McKenzie. Eleven Bible coordinators, parents and children attended the event, including Germain McKenzie, Newtown youth member, who videoed and edited the training. This was then distributed to all WM Let's Explore Bible coordinators, allowing for remote training and preparation for the launch.

So far, the program has been embraced by eleven churches and 108 students with an age range of 5 to 14 years. McKenzie reported that the first broadcast via a private YouTube link was viewed by 73 families. “Even now, more parents are signing up their children to join this exciting program,” she says.

Pastor Rock is excited. "We at the Adventist Discovery Centre give thanks to God for the leaders and families within the Welsh Mission and solicit your prayers for the outcome of such an innovative program."

"What a way to start 2018,” McKenzie says. “The children are so excited.” She also credits the coordinators who are working very hard to support the children with their lessons. “All 15 lessons will be available on YouTube, and the response so far has been a blessing.”

Welsh Mission President, Pastor Emanuel Bran said, "We are excited to pilot this program in the Welsh Mission by bringing together the resources of the Adventist Discovery Centre and the giftedness of the Children's Ministries department. Although still at the early stages, we can already see great results and witness how God is able to work in the lives of our children and their families."

The ‘Let's Explore Bible Study Program’ is aimed at 7 to 12-year-olds allowing them to discover a friendship with Jesus through a colorful 15-lesson course.

The Welsh Mission is made up of 550 members worshipping in 17 congregations within a population group of 3.1 million.

First published in British Union Conference news