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Teacher travels 391 miles to gather food for their students

Diego Daniel Encinas traveled from Puerto Iguzaú to Posadas Location: Puerto Iguzaú, Argentina

Teacher travels 391 miles to gather food for their students

Diego, at his stops, used to eat something to recover the strength to continue. [Photo courtesy of Diego Encinas]

Acts of love in which you have to sacrifice something are harder and harder to fine. However, this was not the case for Diego Daniel Encinas, a teacher at the Jazy Porá School in Puerto Iguzaú, Argentina. 

After a project did not happen, the students organized a challenge that had the support of the Drawn Smile Foundation. According to their website, “Drawn Smile” is a nonprofit whose mission is to bring a smile to each child through “basic education, highest attainable standard of health care, good nutrition and diet, sport mentoring programs, and teaching character values for life.” With each kilometer Encinas rode on his bike, they were going to add a kilo, or 2 pounds, of food to the dining room of the school where he works.  

"Everything collected goes to the dining room and also to the community," says Encinas. In total, Diego traveled 391 miles, or  630 kilometers, with his bicycle, adding 630 kilos, or 1388 pounds, of food for his students. 

Encinas left Puerto Iguazú and passed through the towns of Andresito, Bernardo de Irigoyen, San Pedro, San Vicente, El Soberbio, Panambí, Leandro N. Alem, Santa Ana and Posadas. The event was covered by local media, who were amazed by the act of solidarity of this teacher. "The school does not lack food, but this was a challenge for everyone, for the school, the foundation and for me to do this for the students,” said Encinas to the newspaper El Territorio. “The guys were very happy, they were happy with the news, they followed every step I took. They gave me all their support and in their prayers they asked for me.” 

Encinas recognized the help and protection of God in carrying out this action of solidarity. "God gave me physical and mental strength to make this trip,” Encinas reflected. “He accompanied me with time, health, and where I slept. Without His help and protection, I would not have achieved it,” the teacher concluded.

Diego Daniel Encinas motivates a lot. Can someone do something else for these students? Of course. They will be able to communicate directly with him through their Facebook to lend their help. In this way, the world we want for our children - and also adults - can be a reality. A world where love does not just walk with your feet, but also on wheels.