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Tbilisi children’s program a successful community outreach

Youth dream of building churches to fill.

Tbilisi children’s program a successful community outreach

[Photo courtesy of Euro-Asia Division]

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In the autumn of 2017, a children's program began in the city of Tbilisi, Georgia. Children who had never before heard of God or Jesus became acquainted with biblical stories. They listened with great interest to lessons about the miracles of Jesus and His love, studied songs and poems, learned verses from the Bible, played games, and participated in master classes. As they attended each meeting, they began to get used to each other, to their mentors, and to the Adventist church. Parents noticed positive changes in their children’s behavior.

Recently, the youth conducted a special Sabbath service in the Lotkino church. They carefully prepared and rehearsed for the program. Children recited Bible verses, sang and prepared a small sketch. The sermon highlighted Jesus' love for children and that children are a blessing from the Lord. Parents eagerly attended the meeting, wanting to learn more about the church that teaches such useful and life-changing information.

Six-year-old Devi said that he had not been allowed to come to the Adventist church before. "I was told that this is not a good church, but I like it here. I feel that they love me here." Other children agreed. Thirteen-year-old Lanna said,  "Most of all, I like the fact that we learn a lot of interesting things about Jesus" Omari, a 12-year-old attendee said, "I dream, when I grow up, to build many such churches so that children come there to learn more about Jesus."

As a follow-up outreach program, the Lotkino church hosted a family-friendly cooking class. Guests first learned the differences between healthy and unhealthy food, then watched cooking demonstrations and sampled several delicious dishes. The meeting ended with a discussion of the presentation, and a question and answer period. Guests were mostly interested in spiritual matters. Parents gladly agreed to attend other events planned by the church.