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MAX-FACTOR Congress attended by more than 1,000 youth

Three-day event ends the year on a spiritual note

MAX-FACTOR Congress attended by more than 1,000 youth

[Photo courtesy of the Euro-Asia Division]

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More than 1,000 youth attended the MAX-FACTOR Congress in Sumy, Ukraine, in late December. Over the three-day event, guest speaker Yuri Bondarenko shared inspirational messages on sound thinking, the authority of young people, the dangers of idle talking and other relevant topics. 

Attendees chose one of four training sessions conducted by Central Conference Sledopyt Club leader Alexander Kozlov, Oleg Nazarov, missionary service leader for the East Dnieper Conference, and the Yaroslav Cherepin family.

A special highlight of the event was joint ice skating at the Avangard Stadium. On the last day of the congress,  twenty youth demonstrated their singing, drawing, filming/editing, poetry and instrumental skills in the show “Central Committee Got Talent.” 

This was an unforgettable weekend for the young people. They went home spiritually refreshed; they made new friends; and they received inspiration from the seminars and training sessions to share with others.