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Adventist volunteers deliver food to parents in pediatric hospital

In Santiago, Chile, parents not only receive physical and spiritual food.

Adventist volunteers deliver food to parents in pediatric hospital

[Photo courtesy of South American Division]

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While some children live happily with their parents, others sleep in a hospital ward. Many have been in these hospital’s for years. Their parents visit them as much as possible, for as long as possible, regardless of the weather, if they’re hungry, or lack sleep. To make this situation more bearable, the group “Adventist Hospital Volunteer,” led by Abel Vivanco, visited the Exequiel González Cortés Pediatric Hospital, in Santiago Chile to give breakfast and dinner to the parents of the children.

"This was a great help, because one leaves their house, arrives here and does not know when she can return home. I did not have the money to buy a breakfast and soup,” said Jessica Escobar, mother of a hospitalized child.

There are people who have lost their children, who were welcomed with love by the volunteers and remember the outreach with gratitude. Such is the case of Enrique Correa, who recounts with a smile on his face, "One rainy day I went out and they comforted me with a drink, a sopita, and I thought it was for sale, but as it was given free, we have such appreciation. So very good, keep doing it. "

In order for more love stories to be written, one of the volunteers of the “Adventist Hospital Volunteer” initiative proposed the group come once a month with the help of the Lord. “We want to do it because it is born from the heart, when we do not come we feel uncomfortable,” explained Rosa Velázquez, who was in charge of preparing the food that was given away.

This ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in South America not only satisfies the physical needs of people, it also delivers spiritual nourishment. During the outreach, they also gave away dozens of copies of the Hope for the Family missionary book, in two editions: for adults and for children. In addition, they prayed with the relatives of the children who are hospitalized. 

Five years ago Vivanco started the “Adventist Hospital Volunteer” in the Exequiel González Cortés Pediatric Hospital, located in the south of Santiago. He knows and understands the help it provides, because it knows what it is to be on the other side of the coin. 

"My son was medically terminally ill, for the honor and glory of God, he is 19 years old now,” said Vivanco. “I know what it is to be here inside. I know what is being suffered. That is why we came to offer spiritual support, to present Jesus Christ as the only hope, and we also bring them physical food.”

Thanks to the love, dedication and hard work of these volunteers, 145 breakfasts and 200 snacks were delivered to the health center. It is expected that during the rest of the year, this ministry will continue to give food and, above all, hope, to hundreds of people who are going through a difficult time.

"This does not stop. The hospital operates 24 hours a day. That love we have for our neighbor has been possible thanks to the contribution of many churches. The love we have for Christ motivates us. We get up at five in the morning, now it is nine o'clock at night and the Lord renews our strength. Therefore, we continue working for the gospel of Jesus Christ, because we have Christ in our hearts,” says Vivanco.

This article was originally posted on the South American Division’s website