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Adventist youth’s call-in prayer center draws attention

Members of the Adventurers' Cube in Espírito Santo are calling adults and praying with them to ease the effects of social isolation.

Adventist youth’s call-in prayer center draws attention

Lara is 6 years old and is deaf. Even so, he participates in the project using Libras [Photo Courtesy of the South American Division]

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For about a month, children enrolled in Adventurers Clubs in the southeastern Brazilian state of Espírito Santo have called adults and the elderly to pray with them and offer encouragement during the pandemic-related lockdown. The “Prayer Call Center” project aroused the interest of TV Gazeta, an affiliate of the Rede Globo network, Brazil’s largest.

Reporters featured Adventist children from the city of Linhares, in the northern region of Espírito Santo state. The segments aired on the “ESTV 1st Edition” and “Bom dia ES” programs.

The telephone prayer program originated with the Seventh-day Adventist 

Church’s  Adventurers and Pathfinders groups and urged youths to call people, ask how they have spent their days, pray with them, and see if they need anything. Some, after being told about the need, are donating food.

Pastor Carlos Eduardo Petter, who directs the Pathfinders and Adventurers ministries in the central and northern regions of Espírito Santo, said the effort has several goals.

“The call has the objective of determining physical needs, which is to supply the lack of food, for example; the emotional, through socializing on the phone; and the spiritual, through prayer.”

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site