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Joy FM Radio Station

Joy FM Radio Station

A great need for Adventist radio broadcasting in Majuro, Marshall Islands has been met with the opening of a new station. Nearly 28,000 residents of Majuro can now set their dials to Joy 90.7 FM to enjoy daily Adventist programming. The station's two radio antennas sit on the campuses of Majuro Seventh-day Adventist school and church and the Laura Seventh-day Adventist church and school. 

Joy FM is a ministry operated by the Church's Guam and Micronesia territory. The Church's message has been broadcasted throughout Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands over the past 27 years. Adventist World Radio, and the Church's North American territory also contributed to the station's funding. Two Majuro Bible workers have received training from the chief engineer of Adventist World Radio in Guam. The workers will operate the 300-watt transmitter and will continue to train others to ensure the broadcast runs 24 hours a day. 

Joy FM has equipped the Majuro station with a year's worth of programming, including Bible studies and music. As the station's operators gain more experience, they hope to produce content that's catered specifically for local communities. The Church's Guam-Micronesia region also operates 2 additional stations. Plans are in place to construct 3 more stations throughout the Micronesia islands. [photo: North American Division News]