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Refugee Vocational Training

Refugee Vocational Training

In Rwanda, 350 refugee youth successfully completed the requirements for vocational trades through a program conducted by Adventist humanitarians. The graduation ceremony on January 12 culminated the 45-day training at Gitwe Adventist College. All of the students are originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The students are currently living among 4 of the nation's refugee camps.

The program was organized by the Adventist Development and Relief Agency's Rwanda branch. It was also developed by another Adventist ministry named Impact Hope. Students chose one of the following trades for their training: Hair Styling, Tailoring, Electricity Installation, Domestic Manufacturing, Plumbing and Permaculture. 

Government and Church leaders also attended the graduation ceremony. The nation's Minister of Disaster Management and Refugees the Honorable de Bonheur Jeanne d'Arc emphasized how the training will empower their development. He said, "I would like to remind you that the technical skills are a foundation of self-reliance, financial independence and social welfare. Start from the acquired skills to develop durable solutions for you and refugees in general." The Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugees of Rwanda partners with organizations to provide educational opportunities for refugees living in the nation. So far, the partnerships have helped more than 160,000 refugees gain skills to help them secure employment. [photo: ADRA Rwanda]