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Liberia’s Minister of Education supports “Every Child. Everywhere. In School” petition

says. Sonii, Sr., who was born in Liberia knows the consequences children without education will face, and as minister of education, he wants all children in the country to strive to learn. "Let

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President of the Seventh-day Adventist World Church sends letter of encouragement to members in Burundi.

Ted N.C. Wilson thanks Burundian members for their loyalty and faithfulness to the Advent message.

the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14 and the fourth angel of Revelation 18. Even though you face many challenges and difficulties, God is by your side and will be your Protector. It is a privilege

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Stand Together – 75 years since Auschwitz

forgotten,” remarks TED President Raafat Kamal. “Today, evil and hatred is on the increase with new faces. The remedy can only be found as reflected in the mission of our Seventh-day Adventist Church, ‘Make

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Australian Bushfires update

Adventists evacuated and homes lost

communities affected by the fires. Nagle reported one member of Cobargo church company hasn’t been able to face returning to his property after losing his home and all memories of his late wife in the fires. His

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President of the Seventh-day Adventist World Church sends message to Adventist members in Burundi.

Ted N.C. Wilson encourages prayer and blessings for members of the country as we head into the New Year.

proclamation of the three angels’ messages telling others that Jesus’ second coming is soon! You are facing increasing difficulties and challenges as you stand for Bible truth and for God’s precious worldwide

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With religious freedom under threat, is there a way forward?

Seventh-day Adventist advocates are working to protect this vital human right within a culture that has grown skeptical of many religious freedom claims.

isn’t wrong in what it seeks to do—that is, to prevent harassment and discrimination toward those who face hostility in many areas of civic life today. But the Equality Act is wrong in what it fails to do

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Seventh-day Adventist World Church president sends letter of encouragement to members in Burundi

Wilson encourages members to maintain and hold on to their their faith in God, the Bible, prayer and the promises of God.

Sisters of Burundi, What a privilege to address you again. We will remember you in prayer as you face challenging situations and difficulties in worshiping under normal circumstances. Maintain your faith [...] moment basis. Never lose hold on the promises of God. He is by your side and with you in all you face. Over the last four weeks, I have been at four division year-end meetings in a row---the West-Central

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Seventh-day Adventist Church initiates global prayer campaign #Pray4Burundi

Adventist World Church leaders ask all members to pray after union president arrested

abuse, little progress has been made. Read more: Commentary: What Seventh-day Adventists face in Burundi Because of this, the Seventh-day Adventist Church is calling on all members to [...] #Pray4Burundi. We ask that, in addition to praying for the leadership and members to stay strong in the face of violence and persecution, you pray for three specific things: Please pray for Pastor

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Senior Youth Leadership

A Resource for Retention and Involvement

divisions, the team created principles direction for the program. Acknowledging the church is facing a crisis of losing a large number of young people every year, Mokgwane and his team, which included [...] leadership curriculum attempts to prepare youth and young adult leaders to address the current challenges facing senior youth today,” Mokgwane explains, “and to equip them to bring young people into a saving r

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Searching in 13 Churches

The story of Mary and her search for a church is for Sabbath, October 26.

Adventist Church. It was the one church that she had never visited. She remembered seeing love on the faces of Adventists as they spoke. “That’s it,” she told the two astonished pastors. “I’m moving to

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