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ADRA distributes food and water to families hardest hit by Tropical Storm Podul

Storm causes flooding and landslides in 32 provinces.

affected communities around Ubon Ratchathani. Further assessments will highlight additional needs facing the ravaged villages. This article was originally published on the Adventist Development

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Volunteers support Venezuelan families in Maranhão

Families received breakfast, staple food and a biblical message to start the day.

clothes to families staying at the bus station. “It was very gratifying to see the joy on the faces of each of those people, and even more to be able to see church ministries such as Pathfinders and

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Mark Finley talks about the Church

How can God's people navigate through divisions, disagreements and difficult issues?

believe that God’s people, coming from various cultures and perspectives, can find solutions to issues facing the church today? I have great confidence in the ultimate triumph of God’s church. I believe [...] declared, “The gates of hell will not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18). The church has always faced issues that have had the potential to divide it, and it has come through every crisis. The question [...] your book give to help church members with differing convictions regarding the issues our church is facing? In my book, I constantly point the reader to Christ as the Lord of the church. Jesus holds

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Adventist Church works to clarify its stance on abortion

Dialogue includes a diverse group of Adventist theologians, medical professionals and Church leaders

underline the sanctity of life and recognize the exceptionally difficult cases/anomalies women can face.” The announcedgoal is to bring a document to the floor of the General Conference Executive

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I want to know more.

native Alaskans face and to provide support for the Artic Mission Adventure program. I could tell my message fell on deaf ears. While Buck assured me that they were religious, Toni’s face fell, her c [...] believes, and that’s why I’m here—to share what Christ has done in my life. As tears streamed down their faces, Toni said, “I want to know more.” Suddenly, a woman’s voice came over the airport intercom

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Seventh-day Adventist World Church President writes letter of encouragement to church members in Burundi

Ted N.C. Wilson offers continued prayer in letter sent to Burundi through the Adventist Church in East-Central Africa.

special way. We thank the Lord for His protection and care for you in spite of challenges you may face each day. I have prayed for you and so have many others. God has a plan for each of your lives as [...] Christ’s soon coming. Thank you for demonstrating your spiritual strength and fortitude in the face of unusual circumstances. We admire you and appreciate your strong determination to stand for truth

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“Put a pin in it”

Understanding the Pathfinder pin trading culture of the Chosen International Camporee

of the logo for the Chosen International Camporee, which illustrates the biblical story of David facing Goliath with his slingshot. Traditionally, each of the division’s unions and conferences create their

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Amidst the Ebola virus outbreak, ADRA works to ensure malnourished children are fed

through clean water, sanitation and hygiene best practices. The most vulnerable of the population who face dire needs during the epidemic are children and women, whom ADRA has been committed to serving.

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Half of Polish baptisms generated from one, special campground

in the forest. On visiting the campground he noted, among other things, graffiti on an outbuilding facing the lake, “God doesn’t exist”. Through a series of remarkable miracles, the land became Adventist

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La Sierra University Enactus Jamaica eLibrary project lands team in national spotlight.

School where many students come from low socioeconomic backgrounds. She knows well the difficulties faced by teachers and students due to the ubiquitous lack of connectivity and limited availability of current

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