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Over 2,600 people prepare for baptism in Romania

Adventists gear up for nationwide baptisms after evangelistic meetings in February.

baptism on June 3.” Evangelistic meetings were held in February and March at more than 4,300 sites in Romania and seven other countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union as part of Total Member [...] other activities after the evangelistic meetings, Tomoiagă said. The meetings were led by 1,140 lay speakers and 580 pastors from Romania and abroad, and they were organized in 1,050 churches, 660 houses [...] More than 2,600 people are preparing for baptism in Romania following a major Seventh-day Adventist evangelistic campaign earlier this year, a church leader said. A total of 2,667 people are participating

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Enormous evangelistic endeavor kicks off in Eastern Europe

Ted Wilson hopes the meetings will inspire a spiritual revival across Europe.

enormous evangelistic endeavor that church leaders hope will spread across Europe. On Friday evening, 500 evangelistic meetings will kick off in Ukraine, and hundreds more across the former Soviet Union, as [...] East European meetings. In Romania, for example, guests will be invited to attend Bible studies and the first baptisms may only take place in June. In the former Soviet Union, a vast territory with only [...] begin a week later in Romania and elsewhere, followed by a third wave and a four wave of meetings across Eastern Europe. In all, more than 4,300 sites will host evangelistic series in eight countries: Armenia

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2 million GLOW tracts being shared in Romania and Ukraine

The small booklets contain invitations to major evangelistic meetings.

Conference. GLOWing the Former U.S.S.R. Another 1 million tracts are being distributed in Ukraine, where 1,000 sites will hold evangelistic meetings over the next three months. The first meetings [...] church in Romania’s capital, Bucharest. Vang — who is among dozens of volunteers distributing 2 million GLOW missionary tracts in Romania and Ukraine to raise awareness for major evangelistic meetings [...] of the former Soviet Union, including Moldova and, perhaps by 2018, in Russia, said Michael Kaminskiy, president of the church’s Euro-Asia Division, whose territory encompasses most of the former Soviet

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Next major evangelistic series to reach Romania and former Soviet Union

Church leaders gather in Romania to lay the groundwork for the early 2017 meetings.

preaching at sites in Romania and the former Soviet Union, McKey said. Wilson and his wife, Nancy, who spent a week in the United States after leaving Rwanda on May 29, arrived in Romania’s capital, Bucharest [...] Days after historic evangelistic meetings ended in Rwanda, Seventh-day Adventist Church leaders gathered in Romania to prepare for a major series that will be held in early 2017 across the East European [...] European country and much of the former Soviet Union. Adventist Church president Ted N.C. Wilson is meeting with Romania’s 400 Adventist pastors, as well as representatives of the church’s Inter-European Division

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Inspired by Romania, church leaders to take Total Member Involvement evangelism across Europe

“This will be the beginning of something bigger,” says Mario Brito, president of the Inter-European Division.

Division, whose territory stretches from Romania to Spain, expressed delight with a first wave of evangelistic meetings that concluded at more than 1,300 sites in Romania this weekend. “This is where we can [...] the former Soviet Union as part of Total Member Involvement (TMI), a world church initiative that encourages every church member to find a way to share Jesus in their communities. The evangelistic meetings [...] Europe.” The same principle applies to Romania, which has a highly secularized society like much of Europe, said Brito, who led evangelistic meetings at a site in Romania. The Inter-European Division’s other

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Surfer pastor, clinics, literature outreach are evangelism highlights this year

Annual Council delegates hear creative projects during Council on Evangelism and Witness

efforts involved in-person outreach. In Romania, Norel Iacob, editor of Semnel Timpului, that country’s Signs of the Times magazine, explained the best way to reach a mainstream audience is to “write about [...] magazine’s website, he said, has become extremely popular, and among its readers is a former president of Romania. Leaders in East-Central Africa have focused on public outreach by talented youth staging [...] from across the globe on Saturday shared their region’s most successful and unique initiatives to reach non-believers in the world’s largest cities—ranging from a pastor who witnesses on his surfboard,

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Euro-Asia: Region's Adventist Pastors Meet In First-Ever Congress

An estimated 1,500 Seventh-day Adventist pastors from all over the church's Euro-Asia region gathered for a four-day congress where they were educated and challenged, church leaders say. It is believed to be the first time that such an event has been held

leaders, prayer ministries and to reach out to families in need.” During the five-day session, Adventist pastors from all over the territory of the former Soviet Union shared experiences, met old friends [...] An estimated 1,500 Seventh-day Adventist pastors from all over the church’s Euro-Asia region gathered for a four-day congress where they were educated and challenged, church leaders say. It is believed [...] in Atlanta, Georgia, will be the speaker for that event. One goal in the church region for the next five years is to help launch 10,000 small Bible study groups with an aim toward introducing 50,000

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Year in Review: Adventists Celebrate Growth, Share World Concerns in 2005

In 2005 the Seventh-day Adventist Church grew, celebrated, changed, gathered, made breakthroughs ...

Pastor Mark Finley, formerly speaker/director of “It Is Written,” an Adventist Church television ministry, joined his former organization to lead a monthlong series of evangelistic meetings in Kiev, Ukraine [...] response in Africa to Sow 1 Billion—a Seventh-day Adventist Church global effort to distribute 1,000 million invitations to study the Bible. So far under the plan, there have been 1 million requests for Bible [...] Southern-Africa Indian Ocean, and the West African church regions have been operating since Jan.1, 2003, when a major reorganization was carried out. However, this move needed to be ratified by a formal business

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Year in Review

In Adventist News Network's Year in Review, we look back at just a few of the stories covered by ANN this year—stories of faith, of action, of tragedy, but most of all, of hope.

a three-week lay evangelistic effort. In Cuba, an evangelistic outreach series in February drew 15,000 people a night, marking the first time in 42 years that a Protestant evangelistic program had been [...] Mission “Go One Million,” a plan to recruit, train, and equip 1 million Seventh-day Adventist lay people for evangelism before the next Adventist World Session in 2005, was approved April 19 by the Adventist [...] in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, July 6 for the opening night of an Adventist satellite evangelistic series that was broadcast live around the world. Some people traveled for days from remote regions

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Adventist News Network's Year in Review

contribution to the mission of the Adventist Church.  Major satellite evangelism initiatives in 1999 included ACTS 2000, a series of eight evangelistic programs featuring speaker Mark Finley, which kicked-off [...] and developing new evangelistic initiatives. Here are just a few of ANN’s 1999 headline stories. Religious Liberty Initiatives: The Adventist Church sponsored a number of major religious liberty [...] worship.” Government hostility toward religious minorities intensified in Turkmenistan, a former Soviet state, during November. National security agents destroyed an Adventist church in the Turkmen

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