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Tanzanian Minister for Internal Affairs commends Adventists for their lifestyle as he launches Revelation of Hope evangelistic series

Evangelistic meetings by Mark Finley broadcast into 45,000 cities through Hope Channel Tanzania.

The Minister for Internal Affairs in Tanzania, the Honorable Mwigulu Nchemba, launched a three-weeks satellite evangelism series, in the rocky city of Mwanza, on May 13. The minister arrived at twilight [...] was breathtaking! Nchemba said he was willing to come launch the Adventist evangelistic meetings, because he respects the contribution Adventists have made to the development of the nation. He further [...] Seventh-day Adventists for how they educate their youth. He said they are good role models in the country. He intimated that when he was a student, he had Adventists classmates whose Christian lifestyle left

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Bahamas Prime Minister commends Adventist Church for health commitment

PM Christie asks Church to build wellness center

recognized the work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the areas of health, education and youth ministries. Prime Minister Perry G. Christie commended the Adventist Church for the role it has played [...] support for the wellness center, saying that the Adventist Church “has an international reputation for its commitment to wellness and healthy lifestyle,” and that if the wellness center is built “the [...] Bahamas a wellness center.” Christie delivered his remarks on November 2 at the Hillview Adventist Church in Nassau during the opening business session of the denomination’s South Bahamas Conference

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Church president calls Chinese Adventist faith 'vibrant'

Church delegation discusses ministerial education

A rendition of a popular Adventist hymn by a 45-member choir of the Wuxi Seventh-day Adventist Church, "Lift up the Trumpet," welcomed Pastor Jan Paulsen on his first official visit to the People's Republic [...] city-center Protestant church, Wednesday, May 13. One of the Wuxi Adventist congregations packs this sanctuary every Sabbath. The Adventist faith community throughout China is a growing body of believers [...] s own their church buildings, like the newly-opened Dongting Seventh-day Adventist Church in Wuxi. But in other areas Adventist believers hold Sabbath services in Protestant churches. On Thursday morning

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Year in Review

In Adventist News Network's Year in Review, we look back at just a few of the stories covered by ANN this year—stories of faith, of action, of tragedy, but most of all, of hope.

train, and equip 1 million Seventh-day Adventist lay people for evangelism before the next Adventist World Session in 2005, was approved April 19 by the Adventist Church’s executive committee. Global Mission [...] 10,000 people were baptized in what Tanzanian Adventist Church leaders called the largest baptism ever in the history of the church in East Africa. Some 40 Adventist pastors from across Africa baptized [...] becoming the first Mongolian to enter the Adventist Church ministry. Ten years ago, there were no Adventists in Mongolia. In September, leaders meeting at the Adventist Church’s world headquarters voted a

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