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to 11 recommend to the 2017 Annual Council, procedural steps to be followed in the event that a 12 resolution of the conflict is not achieved under procedures identified in recommendation 1. 13 above [...] VOTED, 1. To adopt the following steps of reconciliation with entities that appear to 38 have overlooked or ignored the biblical principles as expressed in the Fundamental Beliefs, voted 39 actions [...] conflict resolution procedures referred to in recommendation 2. below. 5 6 ii) For the biblical principles as expressed in the Fundamental Beliefs 7 or voted actions and policies of a worldwide

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General 20 Conference Executive Committee members register for Annual Council on an annual basis 21 beginning with the 2018 Annual Council. At that time, the results of non-compliance outlined in 22 the [...] Committee at the 2017 Annual Council (see General Conference Bylaws, Article XIII, Sec 1. b.), 17 all Executive Committee members registering for the 2018 Annual Council, and annually 18 thereafter, will [...] ___ 10 11 12 c. In Relation to Official Annual Council Invitees Not in Compliance with 13 Category 2: 14 15 Invitee status at Annual Council Sessions is a privilege not a right. As a result

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