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Questions regarding the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its leadership

the 2014 Annual Council, the Adventist Review and Adventist News Network published an appeal for church members — and especially Executive Committee members and 2015 General Council delegates — to prayerfully [...] summaries of these three positions and their respective recommendations regarding the way forward. The 30-minute reports presented at Annual Council were published in their entirety in the Adventist Review [...] top theologians of the church. In contrast, within the Adventist Church, the statement of 28 Fundamental Beliefs simply summarizes what members, based on their own Bible study, already believe. Only the largest

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Mystifying Myths

Facts and Fiction about the General Conference’s Compliance Document

Conference Session and General Conference Executive Committee Actions,” recently voted at the 2018 Annual Council. Some claim the General Conference desires to control what happens even on the local church [...] Review Committee has recommended consequences , only the General Conference Executive Committee and/or the General Conference in session has authority to implement the recommendation” (p. 3, lines [...] the GC Executive Committee. This is why regular reports are given during the Spring Meeting and Annual Council. In addition, the General Conference is regularly audited for financial compliance by the independent

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United for mission

Implementing the process for unity.

in recommendation 2 below.” [xi] Second Recommendation The second recommendation is “To request the General Conference Administrative Committee to recommend to the 2017 Annual Council procedural [...] biblical principles as expressed in the Fundamental Beliefs, voted actions, or working policies of the Church.” [v] This does not equate the Fundamental Beliefs with voted actions or church policies [...] chaired the Annual Council session where the Unity in Mission document was voted. Looking at the Process Since the document sets out specific steps to be taken leading up to the 2017 Annual Council

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Annual Council adopts recommended edits to Fundamental Beliefs

Belief on Creation could be changed to emphasize six ‘literal’ days

advancing its recommendation to the Annual Council delegates. The committee is led by Artur Stele, a General Conference vice president and head of the BRI. Relatively few of the 330 delegates meeting at [...] of rest. The vote was 179 to 15, with 5 abstentions, to adopt the recommendations of the Fundamental Beliefs Review Committee, which first met in 2011. The move to clarify the church’s position comes [...] modifications to the 28 beliefs. The Adventist Church first adopted 27 Fundamental Beliefs in 1980 under then President Neal Wilson, who said revisions would be needed periodically. In 2005, the Church added

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Suggested revisions to Adventist Church Manual include matters on discipline

Executive Committee sends edits to next July’s GC Session for consideration

Delegates at the 2014 General Conference Annual Council this week agreed to amend some chapters of the Church Manual, including adding new details to further specify the reasons that members can face [...] binding, monogamous, heterosexual relationship between one man and one woman.” Delegates overwhelmingly adopted the recommended changes yesterday. The revisions will be forwarded as a proposal to be voted [...] authority from the church, should not be given access to the pulpit.” Delegate Chester Clark questioned why the committee would want to adopt a position that “simply seems to be shifting from one policy that’s

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Theology of ordination, Oakwood constituency among agenda items for Annual Council

Adventist Church’s Executive Committee set to meet October 9-15

it is considered a new term.” Annual Council delegates will also examine suggested edits to the 28 Fundamental Beliefs and the Church’s Mission Statement. Delegates will also hear reports from various [...] would encourage each church member, and certainly each representative at the Annual Council and those who will be delegates to the General Conference Session, to prayerfully review [studies on ordination] [...] work in North America,” Oakwood President Leslie Pollard said in a statement. Annual Council will also hold a Council on Evangelism and Witness, which highlights outreach projects in each of the world’s

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Annual Council delegates review suggested rewording to 28 Fundamental Beliefs

Clearer, updated language would be up for vote at 2015 Session; no more ‘fruitage,’ just ‘fruit’

and submit further edits to the Fundamental Beliefs by June 1, 2014. The Fundamental Beliefs Review Committee will prepare a second draft of the document for the 2014 Annual Council, Schoun said. Ultimately [...] theologians led delegates through a reading of an edited draft of all 28 Fundamental Beliefs prepared by the church’s Fundamental Beliefs Review Committee . The group was appointed in 2011 to follow up on [...] Annual Council delegates today approved the next step in a five-year process to better articulate the church’s core beliefs, using clearer—and frequently more inclusive—language. Adventist theologians

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Business consultant Hamel to present at Annual Council

Agenda includes proposed amendment to Fundamental Belief on creation

church’s Fundamental Beliefs, including clarification of the denomination’s biblical understanding of origins. Delegates will decide whether to move forward with a version of Fundamental Belief Number 6 [...] management. Annual Council, set for October 10 to 16, is the yearly meeting of the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Executive Committee, a group of more than 350 world church leaders. Annual Council is the church’s [...] among delegates to the 2015 General Conference Session in San Antonio, Texas. This year’s Annual Council will also feature, for the first time, the option to replace the bulky binders delegates typically

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Adventists urged to study women’s ordination for themselves

President Wilson and TOSC chair Stele also ask for prayers for Holy Spirit to guide proceedings

be discussed in October at the Annual Council, a major business meeting of church leaders. The Annual Council will then decide whether to ask the nearly 2,600 delegates of the world church to make a final [...] would encourage each church member, and certainly each representative at the Annual Council and those who will be delegates to the General Conference Session, to prayerfully review those presentations [...] to the message and mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church as expressed through the 28 Fundamental Beliefs.” Wilson said he hoped that all church members would embrace a similar willingness.

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Study committee votes consensus statement on ‘Theology of Ordination”

Document to go to 2014 Annual Council, 2015 General Conference Session

that a consensus statement has been accepted to be recommended to the General Conference, the Annual Council and then to the [GC] Session to be adopted as a statement of a theology of ordination.” Agreeing [...] By a vote of 86 to 8  – a ratio of almost 11 to 1 – delegates at the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Theology of Ordination Study Committee (TOSC) agreed today to approve a consensus statement on an [...] members; opposing false teachings; and providing general service to the congregation.” Unlike the beliefs of some other Christian faiths, however, Seventh-day Adventist ordination “neither conveys special

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