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Adventists of Tyumen are engaged in helping the community have healthy spines

The exhibition also included theoretical knowledge, as well as practical exercises

Adventists of Tyumen are engaged in helping the community have healthy spines

[Photo courtesy of the Euro-Aisa Division]

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The program “A Healthy Spine,” was held from February 3-11, in Tyumen, Russia. The program was designed to help visitors and the Tyumen community to be healthier. What was different in this program was the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises.

Professional masseur and specialist Aliona Pozpruzhnaya conducted the program. The Adventist church members in the community helped her with her presentations. The first evening they held a health exhibition, where they divided the guests into groups of health. At the end of the program, each group was taught different floor exercises.

The program took place in the Adventist Church of Tyumen. Being in the Adventist Church didn’t prevent people from coming to the health exhibition because they wanted to learn to take care of their health.

“The guests were not embarrassed. Such programs help break the negative views about Protestants and are a good basis for creating a moment of trust,” said Sergei Larionov, pastor of the Tyumen community.

Each meeting consisted of three parts - one hour of physical and practical instruction, 30-40 minutes of theory about a healthy spine, and finally a small spiritual devotional. All meetings of the program can be viewed on the Youtube channel of the Tyumen Adventist community.

The team of the organizers received only positive reviews about their work.