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Seventh-day Adventist Church in Ukraine thanks Adventist Church members for their prayers

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Dear brothers and sisters! Peace and grace of our Lord and Jesus Christ may be multiplied!

Many of you have received information through the communication department of your organizations about the difficulties, which our Church is faced with in the East of Ukraine. We did not hurry to give any information about the situation in order not to damage our brothers and sisters or to turn up the heat for our Church in the region.

We would like to express to you our deep gratitude for your personal and joint prayers, which you offered to God personally and in your congregations for our three brothers who were arrested in Ilovaisk city and received into a pretrial detention center.

We would like to communicate with you the joyful news that several days ago they were set free and now they are at their homes in their family circle.

We lift our hearty praise and gratitude to God for the experience we have received and His unchanged guidance.

Sincere prayers about each other again and again emphasize that we all are a large Adventist family, thus strengthening our unity.

We ask you to continue praying about Eastern Ukraine because the situation with religious freedom in this territory remains strained.

May God bless you!
Seventh Day Adventist Church 
Ukrainian Union Conference Communication Department