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In Adventist Social Operation more than 120 families are benefited in Chile

The aid was made from February 2 to 4 in Lonquimay and Alto Biobío in the south central region of the country.

In Adventist Social Operation more than 120 families are benefited in Chile

Delivery of social assistance in Pehuenco, Lonquimay. [Photo credit: María José Céspedes]

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Under the banner "Love without limits" more than 130 volunteers of the Social Operative (OPSO) of the Adventist Church, in the central region of Chile, supported by the department of the Adventist Solidarity Action (ASA) , attended to 100 families in the town of Mapuche, with medical, social and spiritual help. 

On Saturday, February 3, the families participated in a special service led by Josué Espinoza, president of the Central Mission of Chile , who delivered a biblical message of hope to all the people who attended. During the afternoon, and Sunday, February 4, the group got help and medical attention from professionals in the area of exercise, podiatry, nutrition, psychology, hairdressing and chiropractic work. Specialists attended and helped with consultations of children, youth and adults. A mobile dental clinic for the community was also installed and the eight natural remedies promoted by the program were presented in a unit. 

The youngest participants enjoyed playful activities, games and a photography for families. They were given clothes for the winter and boxes with other supplies. "It was a team effort, prepared since June 2017, companies, institutions and Adventist churches, contributed to the collection of aid," said Carlos Vásquez, director of OPSO in the central area of ​​Chile. "In addition to the work done that day, the construction service was offered, to fix kitchens and install sanitary bathrooms. We had 147 volunteers, and benefited more than 90 families and 220 people attended in total, "said Vásquez.

"I have been working for OPSO for 22 years, I am one of the pioneers. For me it is a ministry, it is fulfilling the mission that Jesus entrusted us with. It is a great joy to see how God impresses the hearts of people through this social impact. But it is also a joy to see our young people move in the right direction, and this helps them to grow spiritually,” said Vásquez. 

At the same time, an another outreach was happening in the community of Chichintahue. Twenty-five families received food, clothing, missionary books, The Faith of Jesus and a Bible, in charge of OPSO, which was carried out by the Adventist Church in Los Ángeles, Chile.

The program began on Saturday, with donations and gifts for children in the sector were delivered. In addition, the grateful population made a lunch with traditional food for the OPSO team. In the afternoon they helped take donations to the homes of the beneficiary families. 

On Sunday, the team developed the social medical operation with special attention paid to children and the delivery of clothes. They also repaired a house that had no windows and no walls to separate the rooms.  "The house had no windows and four were installed, the pieces were divided and the dining room was placed on the floor," said Samuel Cares, local pastor, telling of the work done. "It's a wonderful opportunity to preach in Jesus style. Help and meet the needs of people "He affirmed. 

There was a pleasant surprise for the OPSO team, when they commented on the case of Elena Naupa, a faithful listener of Radio Nuevo Tiempo. "I never imagined that they could reach this place, I like the program they do on the radio , what they teach about the Bible. I've learned a lot about it, and I'm going to continue listening to learn more about the Bible,” Naupa commented excitedly. 

It is expected that next year new places will be chosen to impact with the method of Christ, to satisfy the basic needs of the people and to arrive with the message of salvation to many homes that still do not know him.

It should be noted that OPSO was invited to the program produced by the New Time Network in Chile entitled " The Late of New Time ", there commented on the beginnings of this social medical operation that takes place in places of low resources and extreme poverty , in order to help people with clothes, food and, of course, with spiritual help.