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Life Health Foods teams up with former Olympian

Life Health Foods teams up with former Olympian

[Photo Credit: AdventistRecord]

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Life Health Foods AU (LHF) has teamed up with former Olympian Stephanie Rice to increase awareness of the benefits of following a plant-based diet and to encourage Australians to eat more plant-based foods.

Since partnering with Rice in 2018, LHF brand Vegie Delights has launched a number of marketing campaigns and activities that promote a plant-based diet as being not only good for health, but also for animal welfare and the environment.

Rice, who won three gold medals for swimming at the 2008 Olympics, became a vegan after suffering bouts of bloating, skin outbreaks and stomach aches. “However, since cutting out meat I’ve never felt better,” she said. “First, I cut out red meat, then dairy milk, cheese and then chicken. Making changes doesn’t have to be hard; if you have a little knowledge you’ll get there.”

Rice, 30, and Vegie Delights want people to know that by adopting a plant-based diet they’re also making a contribution towards the welfare of animals and the environment. 

“I think it’s sometimes hard for people to feel they can make a difference as one person. However, anything proactive is worthwhile and we need to keep the conversation going,” Rice said.

Plant-based diets are increasing in popularity—it’s estimated one-and-a half billion people around the world and 2.1 million people in Australia are vegan or vegetarian. Australia is now the third-fastest growing vegan market in the world.

Dean Epps, general manager of LHF (an Adventist Church-owned company), said, “We are delighted to be working with Rice. She’s just as passionate about the vegan lifestyle as we are.”

Rice has created a range of nutritious vegan recipes in collaboration with Vegie Delights to produce a free eCookbook. It’s available to download at vegiedelights.com.au.