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Hope Channel’s new series asks, “Who is Jesus?”

Revolutionary, a 10-part series, premieres on Hope Channel this Sunday

Hope Channel announces the release of an all-new 10-part series, Revolutionary

The series, created by Sergio Gonzalez and Oleg Kostyuk, is a response to the many conflicting pictures and ideas that exist today about Jesus of Nazareth. The fundamental question of “Who was Jesus?” leads Sergio and Oleg on two incredible journeys of discovery.

In order to peel back the centuries of misrepresentation and misunderstanding, Oleg journeys to Israel to bring to life the world of Roman-ruled Palestine. Historical context and archaeological evidence provides valuable insights to who Jesus was and what made his teachings so incredible. 

Sergio then engages the viewer by asking how the concepts taught by this first century Jewish peasant could possibly be valuable today, in a place like New York City. The answers are powerful and moving. 

These two journeys intertwine to form one story—filled with ancient discoveries and modern connections—creating a new and dynamic picture of Jesus that is truly revolutionary. 

Revolutionary premieres on Hope Channel, Sunday, October 15th at 9pm EST/PST.

Watch Hope Channel on DirecTV Channel 368, via Roku, or online at

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