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ADRA assists families with safe water kits in Argentina

The Adventist agency is working in Roque Sáenz Peña after devastating floods.

ADRA assists families with safe water kits in Argentina

National team and volunteers demonstrating how the water process is. [Photo Credit: ADRA Argentina]

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The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) in Argentina is working in Roque Sáenz Peña Presidency, Chaco (Argentina) after the heavy rains caused flooding in the city and the evacuation of hundreds of families. 

According to ADRA’s report on the, 45,000 people are affected. More than 9 thousand homes are flooded. It is estimated it rained approximately it rained 543 millimeters, or 21 inches, in 7 days. 

After the analysis of damages and needs, ADRA Argentina declared Emergency Category 1, which according to its National Emergency Response Plan, refers to the distribution of family hygiene kits and water purification.

Alejandro Zoppi, Emergency Response Coordinator for ADRA Argentina stressed that, "there are more than 10 affected neighborhoods." Regarding the response itself, Zoppi adds, "We distribute water kits where we also contemplate hygiene and in this way the affected population can consume safe water. Until yesterday we have distributed 314 water kits. " 

Without a doubt, when situations like these occur, water tables are affected "and this affects the quality of life of the citizens of the communities involved", concludes Alejandro. 

ADRA Argentina will remain working in Sáenz Peña and those who want to join to help the affected families will be able to access the website