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Training seminars for girls held at the camp in the Ukraine

The “School of Life” camp offered girls a wide-range of presentations and activities

Training seminars for girls held at the camp in the Ukraine

[Photo courtesy of the Euro-Asia Division]

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Nineteen girls, ranging in age from 13 to 15, came from all over Ukraine to attend the “School of Life” girls camp in Mykolayiv. The girls learned to cook pies, speak English, and build relationships. The girls said they enjoyed the exciting program and how it opened them up to better communicate with each other.

Every morning the girls plunged into spiritual meditation with the youth ministries director for the region, Semyon Bykov. He inspired them to build a relationship with God through the reading of Ellen White's book "The Way to Christ."

Throughout the week, the girls heard presentations on a wide-range of topics such as “The ethics of the internet” and even a master class on flower-decorating.

Vice-president of the Adventist Church in the South of Ukraine, Dmitry Popravkin, held meetings that included pre-marital counseling. The girls say the information they received will help them build relationships in the future.

Natalia Arsonova, head of the women's ministries department in the Ukraine, talked about the importance of clean clothes and bodily hygiene. She also spoke with the girls about the biblical view of money management. 

A guest from Kiev, gynecologist Yuriy Marchenko, taught the girls about the development of the female body and the life-long consequences of engaging in early sexual experiences.

The last day of the "School of Life" was the graduation party. A hairdresser held consultations with the girls and created hairstyles that went along with their appearance and style. In the photo studio, the girls felt like princesses as  photographer Andrey Banit arranged a photo session for each of them.

Finally, master chef Julia Maidanyuk invited the girls for a festive dinner. She tried to give the girls a love for cooking and shared the subtleties of creating the cake "Medovik" with fruits and nuts.

The event was organized by the head of the children’s ministries department in the Ukraine, Lyudmila Dyachenko and Arsonova. They aimed to inspire girls to cherish themselves and their hearts.